Kicking off a champion campaign

The client

European Championships

Their challenge

After three years as the main creative agency for the World Gymnastics Championships, the team behind the event asked us to pitch for the their next big campaign – the Glasgow 2018 European Championships. And after wowing with our concepts and creative, we won the bid.

The brand already had guidelines in place, but the city’s advertising needed its own identity. Not only did this creative have to be eye-catching and iconic, it needed to educate and inform to overcome the low awareness rate. Knowing the event would heavily rely on volunteers, we needed to target locals to sign up to be part of the event before advertising ticket sales.

European Championships
European Championships

Our solution

Two years before the event, we designed and developed a fully responsive, content-managed website to make it easy for the client to promote events, share the latest news and announce opportunities. The first opportunity? To be part of the action as a volunteer.

So as part of the website, we created a volunteer hub – letting people apply as the client monitored applications. But it wasn’t enough to just make it easy to apply, we had to encourage sign up.

We recruited a diverse mix of seasoned volunteers to be the face of the campaign, aiming to attract others like them. We took candid shots of them from across the city, focusing on making them relatable with the photography, featured names and residential locations. These shots were used across all assets– from giant billboards to online ads – with the hub featuring as a call to action for all of it.

European Championships

The results

Over 10k

volunteers applied

Over 3k

applied in the first three days of the campaign alone

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