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With an award-winning fleet of luxury ships, Celebrity Cruises knows how to dazzle its customers, but the travel trade was drifting away. So the cruise line asked us to rebrand how they communicated with their trade partners. We consulted with travel agents to find out what they needed, then designed and built an online trade hub and e-learning platform that exceeded user engagement by 55% within six months of launch.

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Capturing trade loyalty is no mean feat

With over 300 destinations, unrivalled luxury accommodation, and world-class cuisine, Celebrity Cruises is no stranger to going the extra mile to dazzle its customers.

But there was one group of people it was struggling to get onboard – the travel trade.

An alienated audience

Celebrity Cruises had spent years talking to their trade partners in the same way they spoke to customers. But in a competitive market, that consumer-facing tone wasn’t cutting it.

Travel agents felt Celebrity Cruises didn’t speak their language, and drifted towards brands who did. And since agents bring in a chunk of the brand’s revenue, something had to change.

That’s where we came in.

Putting the user at the heart of it all

First we turned to the agents themselves. Through in-depth panels and discussions, we gauged the perception of Celebrity Cruises and the way people work with the brand.

It turned out trade partners wanted what Celebrity Cruises had to offer, they just needed better tools to do their jobs. Instead of trawling through customer reviews, YouTube videos, and Facebook groups for information to reach their customers, agents needed a centralised hub of knowledge and insights.

So we got to work on a one-stop shop for all things Celebrity Cruises – helping travel agents do what they love best: sell.

Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Central Website Visual
Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Central Website Visual
Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Central Website Visual

One platform to rule them all

The result is Celebrity Central. An online hub and e-learning platform, custom-designed to best meet the needs of the travel trade, and seamlessly integrated with Celebrity Cruises’ booking and rewards platforms via single sign-on.

Our overall trade rebrand had been rolled out in print and digital collateral, and now extended to the visual design of the new hub. We also created the name, designed the logo, and worked with agents to name the e-learning programme: Celebrity Passport. The training featured high quality, easily updatable content divided into bite-sized modules so agents can learn at their own pace. Gamification motivates users with stamps and certificates to be earned.

Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Central
Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Central
Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Central

We also created:

  • A library housing assets like deck plans, cheat sheets and selling guides.
  • A brand marketing toolkit, with creative assets and online approval process.
  • An easy-to-use CMS for the Celebrity team to build and update content when a new campaign or selling initiative launches.
Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Central
Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Central

Rave reviews


Increase in trade bookings during Celebrity’s 2017/18 turn-of-year campaign


Increase in trade Facebook page post engagement


Over Celebrity Cruises target for user engagement in the first six months