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Reflecting experience

  • Client:Glass
  • Project:Glass rebrand

Glass are a dynamic, internationally renowned theatre company with a people-generated theatrical process that’s constantly evolving. To reflect their pioneering approach, they needed a rebrand that exuded confidence, creativity and authenticity. We created a bold new identity which was reflected in a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, covering everything from values and personality to visual specifications.

Glass Performance Brand Identity

Theatre with a difference

Giving voice to real life stories, Glass are an international award-winning theatre company with a difference. A travelling production, they bring together a new set of performers in each location – everyday people, given the chance to explore their own experiences through theatre. As a result, each Glass performance is completely unique, demonstrating the scope of human emotion and resonating with audiences and performers alike.

Glass Performance Brush Type
Glass Performance Brush Type

Talking the talk

The company’s current branding wasn’t doing their incredible work justice. They asked us to develop a new identity that would help set the tone for future growth, with the end goal of raising their profile as a highly professional and dynamic creative entity.

Glass Performance Brand Guidelines

Real life speaks volumes

Kicking off with a workshop allowed us to work in partnership with Glass from the beginning – clarifying their values, mission and vision, as well as the personality, voice and tone of their brand.

While developing a brand narrative and visual identity, we felt the phrase ‘reflecting experience’ was a succinct, confident tagline that encompassed the scope of Glass’ work. It informed the logo, which was a modern creative marque featuring bold, repeating logotype that hinted at the limitless potential of real life as source material for authentic storytelling.

Glass Performance Business Cards

A warm colour palette was chosen to emphasise the people-focused, inclusive nature of Glass, and a bold sans-serif typeface was used to ensure visibility in a crowded arts scene.

To contrast with the sturdy brand marque, we developed bespoke, handwritten brush script lettering that would increase visual impact across a variety of brand collateral. This lettering also represented the human element – passion, imperfection, spontaneity – and a personal, hands-on approach. Translating this into visuals would further reinforce Glass’ brand values.

Working with Front Page to develop our brand identity has been an invaluable experience. It was more than just a branding consultation – starting with a workshop allowed us to look at what we currently deliver, see what we needed to let go of, what we should develop, and what should be reimagined.

Tashi GoreCo-Artistic DirectorGlass

Glass Performance Tote Bag
Glass Performance Tote Bag

From strength to strength

A strong, standout identity allowed Glass to present themselves with confidence in a highly competitive space. Branding that reflected human input and experience delivered impact and recognisability in a way that encompassed their ethos, and could evolve along with the company’s continued growth.

The branding captured our organisation so well – I feel really proud to direct people to our website because it feels fresh and vibrant and an honest reflection of us. I think the whole experience has given us a real confidence boost.

Tashi GoreCo-Artistic DirectorGlass