International Netball Federation Identity

Ringing the changes

  • Client:International Netball Federation/ INF World Class Officiating
  • Project:INF World Class Officiating Logo

The International Netball Federation approached us with a clear goal: to design a new INF World Class Officiating logo that identified and gave a sense of pride to the officiating community. That meant meeting the expectations of umpires, timekeepers, and scorekeepers – building a sense of one united team. We created a ring-shaped logo that spoke to values of teamwork, commitment and guidance while incorporating key elements that helped it sit harmoniously within the current INF logo suite.

What we did

Pride of place

To identify and unite a worldwide officiating community, the INF needed a World Class Officiating logo that spoke to their collective vision: ‘enabling the global game’. This shared symbol would build a sense of solidarity and ownership, as well as pride and respect in an industry where officials can be subjected to criticism.

A survey conducted by the INF revealed that officials wanted an uncomplicated logo that made them feel part of the organisation as a whole, rather than being presented as a separate entity. We knew going forward that these values, alongside the initial brief, had to inform a design that sat within an established INF logo suite.

A world class symbol

We created a recognisable logo that preserved brand colours, linking the open ends of the INF housing device with a crescent shape to create a ring symbol. It was an effective way to represent the continued teamwork of the officiating body – its simplicity highlighting the order and authority they bring to the sport.

Importantly, our design fit naturally within the INF family of logos, and echoed the values of guidance and commitment expressed in the vision statement.

Worn with pride

A single, far-reaching deliverable, our logo served as a unifying symbol, presenting the members of INF World Class Officiating as a team with pride and authority. Appearing worldwide on everything from the website, official paperwork and reporting, to emails, presentations and uniforms, it also visually connected officials with the INF community as a whole.