Whisky Blender Branding

An internal mix-up

  • Client:Whisky Blender
  • Project:Rebranding

To a lot of people, whisky equals snobbery. They know it’s an industry with heritage and complexity, and they’re scared of looking like they don’t know their malt from their grain. Enter Whisky Blender, a company that encourages customers to get playful and create their very own blend. They asked, and we created: a brand that broke down walls, the heart of which was a straight-talking website and a virtual blending lab that’s simple and fun to use.

Whisky Blender Bottle with Custom Names
Whisky Blender Bottle Close-up
Whisky Blender Bottle Close-up

A proud heritage

To those on the outside, the world of whisky can come with a bit of a bad rep. It’s a complex industry with a proud heritage – but it’s these aspects that leave a large portion of the drinking community in the dark.

Whisky Blender Branded Cards

Demystifying whisky

By encouraging people to create their very own blend, Whisky Blender wanted to shake things up, and show the world that you don’t have to be precious about whisky. They challenged us to create an approachable brand that brought the drink into the light: letting people enjoy it without fear.

So, we got our thinking (and drinking) caps on, and got to work. The first step was to get inside the heads of the target audience, so we created multiple customer personas that fed into everything we created later on.

Whisky Blender Leaflet
Whisky Blender Leaflet
Whisky Blender Leaflet
Whisky Blender Leaflet

Going against the grain

A bold typeface and a playful tone of voice were key to building a relatable brand with character. But Whisky Blender was really brought to life when we used colours and textures to visually represent the seven flavours from their blending lab.

This simplified the blending process onscreen, gave customers an instant feel for flavour, and established a visual language which was then woven through every aspect of the brand: from the website, to business cards, tasting charts and gift vouchers.

Whisky Blender Abstract Bottles

We created new website architecture from the ground up, wireframing each stage of the user journey. We prototyped and user tested several different virtual blending mechanisms on multiple device types, to shape how this component would work.

The end result was intuitive and playful, with an inspiration board featuring customers’ latest blend creations – hilarious names and all.

Whisky Blender Website - Mobile Views

A whisky playground for all

With more and more blends being concocted every day, Whisky Blender’s virtual blending lab opened the floodgates – creating a wave of new customers eager to experiment with whisky again and again.

Whisky Blender Flyposters